2021 Team

For 2021 my support network has grown, to include brands I am so very proud to be working with.

Firstly, Dharco, a team and group of people I have wanted to work with for a very long time! I will be running the race wear and casual clothing for 2021 and hopefully many years to come. You can check them out here https://dharco.com

Vibe Imagery

My Bikes will now be fully fitted out with Spank components, including wheels, bars, stem, pedals and saddles. This is all thanks to Spank Australia and Link Sports. http://www.linksports.com.au https://spank-ind.com

I will continue to work with Trek Bikes here in Australia – I am in the process of building up a new bike, so keep an eye out for that! I am excited for a long and successful future with them. Thanks to Kye at Missing Link Bikes for the build.


Muc Off, who I signed with late in 2020 will continue to support me in 2021, and I look forward to doing another Instagram takeover soon. If you haven’t watched my Muc off sponsorship video, check it out here

My support for 2021

I have now signed with Shane Jones at MyManager.com for 2021, I am stoked to be signed next to some amazing women in sport.

Nick Waygood