Majurassic Park Dirt Jumps and Trails

In later 2019 I began work on some old jumps at my local spot – Majura Pines in Canberra, Australia. With the support from the Trails alliance and the Park rangers I offered to volunteer my time to fix them up after more than 4 years of no work. I spent the first few months working by myself, the progress was slow and a lot of the time felt like I was going backwards – as they are public and ridden everyday a lot of my work would get destroyed but being ridden too soon or just knocked down by whom ever decided they didn’t like it. It was frustrating and I was pretty close to throwing in the towel, despite loving the work.

Slowly but surely I managed to get a rad group of people involved that were just as keen as me on getting a great trails spot in Canberra (Public and Legal!)

With a bigger group, we started to see progress. The old line got some much needed love, and changes – making it more MTB ridable and flowy. The line was the perfect combo of simple but still challenging – I found them so good to practice my dirt jump skills on (coming from the race background) and start getting higher, as well as throwing some tricks in.

We had a few really rained out weeks where we managed to get stuff up, and solid (which you need on public trails) and begun work on a progression line for anyone looking to get better jumping skills, a line of tabletops getting progressively bigger. More lines started to take shape with multiple options coming up for transfers and new ideas.

Some weeks I probably spent 40 hours there, it became a big motivator in my life – It progressed my tricks and riding more then I had ever planned it doing.

We are now working to make it the spot in Canberra for Dirt Jumps and skills. It has been rad watching people hit the bigger jumps for the first time, seeing how stoked they are!

I cannot thank everyone who’s been involved in the past few months and weeks! Crazy how fast things are happening now. Over the next few weeks and months, with covid restrictions here in Canberra and Australia easing, we cannot wait to see people from out of Canberra come and visit. We are also planning dig days and jams, hoping to get some local businesses involved. We’ve created a Facebook and Instagram to share progress and in the near future events! Check them out to stay up to date. Remember these are PUBLIC AND LEGAL! Which is insane that we are able to do that. If you happen to be in the area, come say hi!



And we also now do stickers! $4 or 3 for $10, the funds go towards tools, dirt, supplies, ect!