Manchester BMX Supercross

Coming into the Manchester SX round I had been focusing on my skills and acceleration. With a few crashes recently – i’d also been battling with back and shoulder pain with multiple Physio appointments to try and correct my injuries. All in all I felt pretty health and confident coming into the event.

Myself and the BMX Acadamy team arrived early Tuesday morning after a grolling 32+ hours of travelling. Spending 10 hours in Dubai, I made the most of the stop by catching a trip into the city. Visiting the Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

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We arrived 8am Tuesday morning picked up our hire car and drove to our hotel in Manchester City. With the whole day ahead to try and beat the Jet Lag we spent the day exploring Manchester.

We found out we could get into the track that night for an hour session. Which turned out to help my wavering nerves and the jet lag.

Wednesday we headed to the local bmx track for a fun little session in the freezing cold! Managed a few Gopro clips.

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Friday afternoon we got on the track for our official practice. Getting on the gate with some of the best women in BMX was intimidating, but also a huge learning curb for myself.

Saturday we had a small practice session early morning, before racing began, I had the track pretty dialed in, and felt much better about racing. I managed a 7th, 4th, and 6th n my Motos. I am definitely looking to improve on that result coming into the next SUPERCROSS round in Papendal. I feel like Manchester gave me a lot more confidence to get out of the gate and not hold back.10314565_606335379502308_8262205678481437402_n


Checkout Part 1 of my Manchester trip now LIVE on youtube HERE


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