New Training Grounds…

Excited to announce I am now training with Unbranded Sports Performance in Canberra. A specialised Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Sports Preparation gym. Delivering professional quality Strength and Conditioning sports preparation systems –
have selected myself along with Armund Oringo ( fellow BMX Elite Athlete – feature in my youtube vlog series) To train under them! I couldn’t be more blessed and excited for the future.



A word from the Unbranded team…

At UNBRANDED, every athletes training is shaped by the core philosophy. This philosophy drives the intent for the relationship and nature of the training being undertaken.

Our Philosophy:

“The athlete is the hero in their athletic development story. The coach is tasked with bringing the skill in movement, conditioning and strengthening to offer the athlete a pathway to success.

Accomplished through constant improvement to information, analysis, communication and attention from both the athlete and the coach.

The coach and the athlete alike must work in collaboration to achieve success, harmonising mind, body and intellect.“

For more information, go to or Follow them on Instagram @unbrandedstrength


I am confident that the training with Unbranded is what will take my riding to the next level in 2017!