Reflection on 2019

2019 was filled to the absolute brim with goodness! Some major highs and some really difficult lows.

I started the year with some mixed results at Crankworxs Rotorua, but with a new hunger to improve on them! Realised how beautiful New Zealand is, hoping in 2020 to spend a longer trip there just to ride the trails.

Following Rotorua I spent a some time at home training and saving for my Europe trip, starting at Innsbruck for the next round of the Crankworx series! Innsbruck brought my. best Crankworxs result to date with a 5th and 6th in Slalom and Pumptrack.

After Innsbruck I headed to a Red Bull Pumptrack qualifier in Fussen, Germany – There I had a crash resulting in a broken foot. Spent the next 6 weeks in Austria healing before travelling to the Czech Republic for Tomas Slaviks Red Bull Revalations 4cross race.

I was still in a cast at this point, doing the track walk in a boot. I cut the cast off the night before first practice and spent several hours just getting the ankle and foot stretched and moving around as normal as possible!

Had a successful first practice, but things went downhill from there. Had a pretty major crash come race day and ended up with some internal injuries that landed me in a Czech hospital for almost a month…

My time in hospital was some of the hardest days I’ve had, particularly with it being overseas in a place predominately non-English speaking. I talked in more detail about it in one of my recent Youtube videos.

I finally got the all clear to fly home to Canberra, and spent the following month getting my strength back, with light activity and finally getting back on the bike!

It was a long and slow recovery, but I made It back for the GreenValleys Block party race in October! I managed to win the 100% Dual Slalom and take out a 2nd overall in the all mountain.

My last event of the year was Thredbo’s Cannonball, with all 5 events entered – Pumptrack, All mountain, Whip off, Flow and Downhill.

 I was happy to compete successfully in all 5 with a top 5 in Flow, 3rd in PumpTrack and a win in the Whip off! unfortunately having a crash in the Downhill final.

2019 was a huge year for me! Gutted with a few injuries and missing out on the Crankworx finals in whistler and World Championships due to them! but feeling strong moving into 2020.

I want to thank everyone who supported me in 2019, including you all!

My support team – Maxxis, KWT imports, Handup gloves, Rocktape, Jetpilot, Gopro, Trek AU, Ride 100%

Side note – All my social media, Instagram and Facebook were hacked. My new instagram in @haznationmtb so make sure to give me a follow and keep up to date with my latest travels! first being Tasmania in two weeks time.