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I’m a 19 year old first year Elite Women BMX racer, Entrepreneur and Personality from Australia and have been racing for 15 years. I am 2x World Champion, and 6x Australian Champion. Owner, and CO-creator of my brand ‘Haz™’ which I intend to grow over the years to include Clothing, charitable support, athlete support and further business ventures. I’ve set my sporting goals toward the 2015 Elite World Championships and, longer term, the 2016 Rio Games and 2020 Tokyo Games.

I started BMX at the age of 4, after constanly riding my bike my parents decided to take me to the local track, and that was all it took. Barely big enough to turn the pedals around, and my dad running beside me on the track to push me up the bigger jumps, but I was hooked. From day one.

For then on the BMX Track was my home, all my childhood memories are from the track and traveling for the sport. At 8 I competted in my first World titles in Perth Australia.


2015 will be my first year competing in Elite Women, I am planning to travel the World Cup Supercross series, Australian National series and the ABA Grands for Cyclecraft Australia.


My athletic aim is: An Elite BMX world title, an Elite World Cup win.

My biggest inspiration is: Rob Dyrdek, Demi Lovato and Tai Lopez.

My favorite work out is: A track session with good weather and some friends to push my riding skills.

My best place to train is: BMX Track

My favorite piece of kit is: My New Cyclecraft custom bike

My favorite training music is: A Day To Remember, Kanye, Big Sean.

My favorite event is: Racing

My best pre-event meal is: Coffee and a good breakfast

My pre-event superstitions are: I’m really big on karma and all that, so I just try not to be a jerk cause it’ll come back to me hahaha.

My favorite sporting moment is: My first Elite World Championship event in 2014

I train every week for: (hours)13+ Lots of track and sprint sessions with some Gym in between.

I relax by: Working on my Clothing brand Haz Clothing, editing and designing clothing and business ideas, editing and filming my GoPro footage.

My greatest holiday destination is: New York

If I could meet anyone it would be: Rob Dyrdek, Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne.